The first step in preparing a roof you have to examine the damage done to the roof. The roofing company must make sure to provide customers with a complete understanding of the damage done on their roof and what it will take to repair it. Qualified roofing experts can identify areas which need repair, a bit of patchwork or roof replacement. It is always the owner who needs to decides whether the roof must be patch, repair or replace. The following are some areas to consider:

The level of wear and tear.

Your roof may be a bit aged but still fine- but only need a few areas which need patchwork. Patchwork is cheaper than replacement. But if the roof is approaching the end of its life (remaining two to three years) it is wise to replace it with a new roof.

Potential to sell the home.

You may have intentions of selling the house in future or other plans in mind to relocate to a new home. You may need to replace it with a new roof, new roof will significantly increase property value.

Possible and existing leaks.

In case there have been continuous leakages which are difficult to identify. Roof repair may be the most efficient way of solving the problem. It is important to note that patchwork or roof repair may lead to noticeable physical differences. Waterproofing the roof might also be an option to consider.

The possibility of future leaks.

If your roof shows a likelihood of future leaks, the most efficient way is to waterproof your roof or in worst case scenario replace it with a new roof. Protecting your family and their personal belonging is a priority and a good roof will protect all the valuables in your house.

Roof age.

How old is your roof? Experts agree that a typical roof especially asphalt shingle roof should last between 20 to 25 years. When It’s nearing that age, requires significant repairs and the most efficient way is to replace it with a new one and not to install other layers on it.

Shingles are curling and buckling.

Curling and buckling of the shingles are another sign that you require a new roof. Its shows the shingles are past their lifespan and there are no longer durable. Showing a higher possibility that the roof is defective.

Roof valleys.

Characterized by falling and missing of some shingles. It is a sign that you need a new roof. If the valleys are comprised, you could be vulnerable to roof leakages.

The presence of shingle granules in the gutters.  

Roofs lose a lot of granules as they near their life expectancy, granules carried by either by the wind, water or ice and deposited in the gutters. It later results in dark or inconsistent color in some parts of the roof.

Sunlight in the roof boards

It is the easiest way to discover if your roof needs repair. Sunlight getting into the inside from outside show presence of an opening that can be repaired by patchwork. These openings can also allow penetration of moisture resulting in formation of dark spots or trails in the interior of the roof.

It is highly advisable to check your roof regularly. if left unchecked the natural ware and tear off the roof  can cause devastating damage.

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