For most students entering the job market is an exciting journey. What quickly settles in is the reality of job hunting. For those looking for jobs, the hardship of rejection tends to be quite a hard pill to swallow. Most people end up sending their resumes to just about every company. Applying for any job because of sheer desperation isn’t the best idea. You need to apply for a tailor made position, a resume and cover letter to go with it.

Networking is important especially when you’ve just entered the job searching market. Inform your family, friends and college friends that you’re looking for a job. Don’t be afraid to reach out to everyone you know, they might be able to put you through with the right people. Also social networking isn’t about using people to get ahead, but it’s also about connecting you to people who might offer valuable advice.

Job Search
Job Search – First AIM Recruiting

You can start by compiling a profile. This should include a list of the companies you’d like to work for, positions you’d like to apply for and a list of influential people who might be able to help you. When you’re out networking your profile will come in handy because you’ll know who to talk to and what to say based on the information you’ve gathered. A LinkedIn profile is also a great way to network and is also one place recruiters look into when looking to hire people.

Job searching means having an open mind. This also means being open to the idea of temporary positions. A temporary position might not be what you’re looking for but, it could change to something permanent. Also temporary jobs will offer you experience and its better than doing nothing. Your resume should include your accomplishments and experience, avoid unnecessary information.

One last detail make sure you proof read your resume and cover letter. Grammatically incorrect resumes or cover letters reflect badly on a candidate and you don’t want that. When sending a resume to a company make sure the company’s name is spelled correctly this also includes the job title.

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